Bieber Fever Movie: Hurry, Audition Now! (You Too, Bill O'Reilly)

Justin BieberHave you always dreamed of being in a Justin Bieber movie? Now you can!

OK, so you probably have never even thought about being in one and didn't know he made movies, but just play along.

That's right, Biebs is making a 3-D movie and inviting fans to be a part of it. All you have to do is go to and upload a video of yourself singing "That Should Be Me" or "U Smile".

But you have to hurry.


Submissions must be received by 5 p.m. Eastern Time on Wednesday, August 25.

Details are scarce as to what "be a part of Justin's movie" means, but I don't see any age limits. Wonder if he'd be interested in a suburban mother of two? I have always wanted to be a star.

Apparently many others want to be stars too -- or at least get close to the teen singing sensation -- because after Biebs first tweeted news of the concert, fans crashed the site's server.

"sorry u guys crashed the server!! haha. It's back up now!! Get in MY MOVIE!!! U got less than 24 hours!!" he tweeted.

I can't wait to see the makeup of people who submit tapes. He could probably make a whole movie out of those alone.

I'm hoping Bill O'Reilly (who recently called Bieber's pictures with Kim Kardashian "inappropriate") is tuning up his vocal chords since he's so concerned with the teen singer's welfare. He could hang around and teach Justin to play baseball or ice skate on the set.

C'mon Bill, it should be you!

I'm half tempted to submit an application just to see what happens, but after reading the fine print, it sound like once you hit send, your audition is in the hands of Paramount for good. And there would be no good -- except in the form of a laugh -- that would come from anyone seeing me sing a Justin Bieber song.

Will you audition for Justin Bieber's movie? Will you let your children?

Image via Jake.auzzie/Flickr

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