'Entourage' Recap: C’mon Hollywood, It’s Just (a Little) Cocaine

Eric Murphy EntourageOn this week's Entourage, Ari and Mrs. Ari go to therapy, Turtle's got a real plan, Johnny's drama is getting on my nerves, and Eric's got a serious problem. The problem, my dear friends, is cocaine.

I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that Eric is one of the only personas in Hollywood that has never tried cocaine, if even just a little. As such, Vinnie's recent use of it is a particular blow to their friendship and, possibly, professional relationship.  


Vinnie is continuing his wild streak, this week making PDA with his porn star girlfriend Sasha Grey to the chagrin of his friends and popping pills on a school night, while everyone else around him continues to punch out a living on his behalf.

Per usual, he is blind to the impact his actions have on at least a dozen other careers. But studios notice, hence Vinnie is asked to take a drug test prior to sealing the deal on Airwalker.

Vince refuses and the director quits, sort of understandably so on both ends. If Vinnie submitted to the drug test, he would indeed be setting the wrong kind of precedent for every young actor in Hollywood. If the director stayed on, he'd look like a bit of a tool, wouldn't he?

Of course, we know the real reason Vinnie refuses; he has been recreationally engaged in uppers, downers, and the weeds in the middle for who knows how long. It's fairly recent news to us, the viewers, who first saw Vince "sniffing a little sparkle sparkle" (as Billy Walsh put it) at one of his bouncing boobs parties. It's even more recent news to his best friend in the whole wide world, Eric, who's been putting both his and Vinnie's name on the line steadfastly denying hard drug use.

But here's the thing, in their la la land cocaine is everywhere and guys like Vinnie Chase try it ... as do guys like Eric. I'm not saying it's right or even ethical given the real victims of the drug trade, but is it surprising? For former Disney prodigies, maybe ... at first. But in hindsight we shrug our collective shoulders and say, "It was just a matter of time" while they say things like "Yeah, motherfucker, I'm fine" in Vanity Fair.

That last quote you might remember from Lindsay Lohan, who has been eviscerated in the press, Hollywood, and the court of celebrity law for her alleged drug use and psychosis, the extent of which has since been refuted. I certainly agree that some people owe Ms. Lohan an apology, but the precedent was set somewhere.

As far as Vince goes, I suspect the extent of his drug use will no doubt be revealed in a very public and humiliating way before the end of this season. It's Hollywood in the age of TMZ. Nothing goes unnoticed for long.  

The question is, how many more blows will Eric take for his friend?

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