'Mad Men' Recap: Sally Draper Cracks Up

sally draper loses it on mad menThe inevitable happens this week on Mad Men as Sally Draper's broken home, ice queen of a mother, and philandering father finally make the pre-teen snap. I'm also guessing creepy Glen had something to do with Sally's acting out in many an inappropriate manner, even though he's (physically) missing from this episode.

Meanwhile at Sterling, Cooper, Draper, and Pryce, Honda is up for grabs and since the Japanese company will soon be introducing cars to the U.S., it could mean big money for the Lucky Strikes-dependent agency. Everyone is in a tizzy, but no one more than Roger Sterling who fought in WWII, and dammit, will not work for those yellow bastards. Yikes, Roger! We just were moving you up to the number one hottie spot at SCD & P, but not with that nasty attitude.

Don decides to take Jane's friend on a date to Benihana to bone up on his Japanese culture, and that's when Sally chooses her first moment to say eff you to her parents via self-destruction.


Like most 10-year-olds, there is very little Sally can control, so while that cute neighbor of Don's is babysitting, Sally chops off her hair to create a sassy mental patient look. Everyone overreacts, although in different degrees. Don fires Phoebe, the babysitter, who is actually the only person who tries to reach out to Sally, and to also discuss her confusion about sexuality -- albeit awkwardly. Betty slaps Sally like a step-child when she sees her butchered 'do, which, let's face it, she kind of is now that Betty and Henry only play house with baby Gene.

But the Sally drama doesn't end there.

While Don is busy trying to bury his competition in the advertising world by devising a scheme worthy of a sitcom, the upstate Drapers go to a dark place as we see (it's implied, not illustrated, thank god) Sally start to explore her sexuality while on a sleepover, watching The Man From U.N.C.L.E.. Needless to say Sally was sent home and now everyone is talking about a 10-year-old masturbating. Of course Betty does the most damaging thing possible by calling her names and threatening to cut off her fingers. Thank goodness Henry says it's time to call in the shrink.

Which is when I'm grateful for the comic relief of Don's affair-proof, and hilarious, secretary Miss Blankenship, and the madcap antics of the gang as they try to bury the ad man thorn in Don's side, even as they know they'll never get the Honda account due to Roger's crazy rant where he tells them he doesn't want their "Jap crap."

Let's just hope Dr. Edna saves the day, or at least keeps Sally off the pole, as the school psychiatrist also recognizes the need for Betty to have some couch time. Sally now has the same hair as Betty, but she doesn't have to have the same shame. We're pulling for you Sally Draper!


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