Jerry O'Connell Loses Penis to Piranha

jerry o'connell penis piranhaPiranha 3D opens up this weekend and Jerry O'Connell may have given away a major plot point on Jimmy Kimmel. The Stand by Me kid is all grown up and giving us full-frontal ... in 3D. I have to say I want to know what that looks like.

O'Connell plays a Joe Francis-type, convincing nubile ladies to appear in his soft core spring break videos. Of course he doesn't realize he's set his cameras up on a lake that has recently been inhabited by prehistoric super piranhas that love the taste of human flesh.

So naturally it's going to be completely satisfying to see a nasty dude lose his penis to a flying piranha. In 3D.


Piranha 3D previews have been sucking me in this summer as they pop up between my reality TV stories. There's a mechanical bull ... in the lake!

The cast is impressive, as O'Connell co-stars with Ving Rhames, Richard Dreyfuss, Adam Scott, Elisabeth Shue, and Christopher Lloyd. (I'm hoping Dreyfuss can channel his former Jaws co-star and at some point announce that the team does, indeed, need a bigger boat.)

This full-frontal announcement from O'Connell might just be the extra incentive I need to get my butt to the box office this weekend.

Are you going to see Piranha 3D?


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