Kat Von D and Other Celebs Who Suffer From Twitter Regret

Kat Von D TwitterOne minute Kat Von D was tweeting to the world that she and Jesse James are dating, then the next she deleted it

Sorry Kat, there are no takebacks in Twitter.

It was retweeted and retweeted, and the fact she deleted it did nothing to stop the spread, especially with sources who confirm the tweet. 

"Kat is totally into him," a friend of hers told PopEater's Naughty But Nice Rob. "Jesse just has this way with women that makes you melt. Plus, Kat feels bad for him. He's the most hated man in America, after what he did to Sandra, which she finds kind of sexy."

Why she tweeted and deleted is unknown, but she's not the first who would like to take back something that's been launched into Twittersphere. Here are a few other stars who also suffer Twitter Regret ... or should:


Kim Kardashian Back in June, the curvy sister tweeted her wrath at a mother for breastfeeding in public. There was more than a little backlash from breastfeeders far and wide.

Perez Hilton He doesn't seem to regret it, but the world would have been much better off had the queen of gossip not gone and tweeted Miley Cyrus's you know what.

Lindsay Lohan There are just too many bad tweets from the recent jailbird in recent times to count. From blasting her dad to drama with Samantha Ronson, Lilo needs to step away from Twitter for good.

Courtney Love She's provided more than a few scary Twitter rants and also material for the first-ever Twitter lawsuit. Clothing designer Dawn Simorangkir sued the singer for "defamation, invasion of privacy and infliction of emotional distress" for against her.

Have you ever had Twitter Regret?

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