Who Thinks 'Vampires Suck'?

vampires suckThe inevitable has happened with today's release of Vampires Suck, as Twilight gets spoofed. Of course many are asking, "Wasn't an SNL sketch enough?"

Apparently not as the writers behind Scary Movie, Date Movie, Epic Movie, Meet the Spartans, and Disaster Movie have tackled the easiest joke in town -- the vampire movie. So how did they do?



Reviews so far aren't even mixed, they are firmly on the side of unfunny. Jen Chaney at The Washington Post gets right to the heart of the matter when she explains, and trashes, the premise:

"This 'Twilight' phenomenon has gotten out of control! Vampire movies and TV shows are everywhere!" Hey, thanks for the news flash from 2008.

Variety says:

... this instantly forgettable trifle is fairly close to worthless.


And so far the reviews at Rotten Tomatoes agree that yes, this movie sucks.

Check out the trailer and you'll most likely see all the punchlines from the film.

The film was leaked about a month ago online, but there's no word from Fox if they expect that to impact the box office of Vampires Suck. I suppose with a horribly reviewed film that's covering a topic that verges on being completely played out, a leaked copy is the least of your worries.

Will you go see Vampires Suck?


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