Jason Toohey Has Strange Abs and a Hot Hollywood Girlfriend ... Guess Who?

Jason TooheyJason Toohey isn't a household name ... yet. But since he's dating none other than Jenny McCarthy, he's sure to at least create a buzz.

Here are a few things we know about him and his relationship with Jim Carrey's ex so far:


1. He's a former fitness model

2. He has worked as a pirate at the Treasure Island Hotel /Casino in Las Vegas.

3. McCarthy is already shacking up with him.

"I've been living in Vegas for about a month," she told People. "My house is under construction right now in L.A., so I very well could be here until it's done. It's been awesome here."

4. He has some crazy abdominal muscles. Seriously, look at that picture, it looks like he has two arms going down south. Maybe it's just this shot from a body building site, but they're a little creepy.

5. He's the founder of Eyedews, an under-eye rejuvenation product.

I still can't stop staring at those abs ...

Are you as fascinated by this guy's abs as I am?

Image via bestforminc.com

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