5 Reasons Danielle Staub Isn't Finished With Reality TV

danielle staub firedDanielle Staub must be a ranting lunatic right about now. The Real Housewife of New Jersey has not been asked back for season three of the most outrageous show on cable.

While no specific reason was given, the assumption is her crazy got a little dangerous. (Check out Jezebel's interview clip compilation for a refresher.) It's also quite possible the rest of the Jersey girls threatened to pull a Dina if she was still around.

In addition to anxiously awaiting her replacement (please say it will be Kim G!) you know Danielle is not going away quietly. Here's where the giver of love, light and paranoia might wind up on the dial:


The Danielle Show

Danielle thinks Bravo is preparing a spin-off just for her and her family. I can't decide if this is the best, or worst, idea of all time. Pros: With a camera around, maybe she won't completely abuse her two daughters. Cons: I'll have to watch. HAVE TO. Then I'll hate myself.

Project Runway

As a guest judge, you know because she used to be a "model," Danielle will alternately baby talk and call the contestants "bitch." Heidi will become her best friend, then betray her in the voting process.

American Idol

Backstage, as she forces her poor youngest daughter, Jillian, to recreate her original composition in front of America.

Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew

Never missing a chance to show off her new boobs and pole dancing skills, Danielle will find herself far away from Jersey, in the care of Dr. Drew Pinsky. Really, we can only hope she gets help somewhere, why not Pasadena?


You can catch the latest from Danielle's Mafia on CourtTV.


Do you think Danielle should have been fired?


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