Tori Spelling Is Having a Hard Time With Parenthood: Join the Club

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermottTori Spelling has a lot going on. She has two toddlers -- Liam, 3, and Stella, 2 -- a career, and marriage that needs some serious tending.

Not all that different from most moms I know, and like the rest of us, she's struggling.

"I'm still working on trying to balance it all, and it's a struggle I deal with every single day. I want to do it all!" Spelling recently told "I'm passionate about everything in my life. Obviously my family and my kids are my priority. I want to be that stay-at-home mom, but I want to build an empire at the same time."


Trying to balance motherhood and the rest of life is difficult, no doubt, especially when children are young. For all the adorable, heart-melting moments and perfect photo ops, there are plenty that are messy and miserable.

While I don't subscribe to the misery-loves-company philosophy, it is nice to see Spelling, even with all the money to provide nannies and housekeepers and cooks (things most of us dream about!) admit it's still not easy. Or maybe it's depressing ...

She also talked about the toll her toddlers are taking on her marriage to Dean McDermott.

"Four years into a marriage, we never thought we'd be having these issues and having problems," she says. "But you never think ahead what it's like to have kids, and a lot of our issues came from different view points on parenting."

She said they have had problems with communication but are working though them. She calls their relationship a "work in progress."

"It all takes work, but if you love that person, you're willing to do the work."

True, and that's what keeps most of us going -- we love our families; we love our careers; and we want to make it all work, so we work and work and ...

What do you find most difficult part about balancing motherhood with the rest of your life?

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