Justin Bieber Gets Revenge on Hacker

Justin BieberYou can take the kid out of the high school but you can't take the high school out of the kid. In true 16-year-old fashion, Justin Bieber made this poor guy's life a living hell by tweeting a number to his followers (number retracted for privacy).

"everyone call me 248-XXX-XXXX :) or text"

The number didn't belong to Justin but to a Detroit teen named Kevin Kristopik. Apparently, the teen pissed off the Biebs because he had hacked into the Twitter account of a childhood friend of Justin's.

What a little biatch -- both of them.


Justin deleted the tweet minutes later, but it was too late -- mere minutes was all it took for his crazy fans to retweet and pretty soon, Kevin's phone was receiving 10,000 text messages in two hours. Gotta love the power of the tweet.

Kristopik shot back, "I never asked for it, @justinbieber is a d***k, i still like him, but this was so low." Ha, such a typical fickle teenage response. 

So what have we learned here today folks? Don't piss off the Biebs. He has a powerful army fanbase at his beck and call and he will use it against you.

Think Justin's actions were a little extreme or justified?


Image via Kerosene Photography/Flickr

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