Dina Lohan vs. Michael Lohan: Whose Fault Is It Anyway?

lindsay lohanIt comes as no surprise that on the heels of Dina Lohan's interview with Matt Lauer regarding her troubled daughter Lindsay, Poppa Lohan is weighing in

The troubled thespian's mom took to the cameras last Friday to discuss the alleged mishandling of her daughter's case by Beverly Hills Judge Marsha Revel ... that and to shake a disapproving finger at the big bad media that she feels played a hand in her daughter's troubles. (Oh, yeah, and to get her face on TV. Forgot about that part.)

But on the air, Today Show host Lauer took an unexpected left turn. His questions suggested that maybe Lindsay herself is at fault ... and that some people think that maybe, just maybe, bad parenting could have contributed to the train wreck that the younger Lohan has evolved into.  

Dina was aghast. According to a family friend, the elder Lohan feels like she was "ambushed" by the morning talk show host.

Enter ex-hubby Michael.


All lies, according to the not-so-proud papa. Dina failed miserably as a parent with Lindsay and should just admit it, damnit.

Pot, meet kettle. I think it's a tie as to which Lohan is the worst parent. Dad's been charged with DUI and attempted assault and has spent his own quality time in the joint. Mom looked the other way at her daughter's partying at each turn and has provided every excuse in the book to explain her kid's poor behavior. Both pimp their children for money and publicity. Parental transgressions on both sides read longer than a career criminal's rap sheet.

You know you've got a dysfunctional family when in the end, someone like of Michael Lohan actually makes sense. His solution:  

"What Lindsay needs is family therapy with Dina and me. Something that has been recommended by professionals for years ..."

Amen. So do it. While the younger kids still stand a chance.

What do you think? Are both Lohan parents equally to blame?

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