Dina Lohan: Lindsay's No. 1 Advocate or Totally Delusional?

dina lohanDo you want to watch an interview rife with tension and defensiveness? Check out Dina Lohan being interviewed by The Today Show's Matt Lauer this morning. (Click the link for the interview.)

It's got to be hard being Lindsay Lohan's mom: After all, her kid is constantly making headlines -- and not in a good way. The constant rumors of substance abuse, missed court dates, jail stints, etc. has got to get old some time.

Yet, as always, Dina seems to be making the most of all the attention.


In today's interview with Lauer, Dina comes off as Lindsay's biggest protector, taking several shots at Judge Marsha Revel (and when you watch the clip, count how many times she says "hardball"):

"I think she went overboard and played serious hardball with Lindsay ... and put her in serious lock-down for two weeks .... It's a really serious offense for a judge, she went against the district attorney ... she's fired, basically."

She goes on to say that Lindsay is getting out of rehab early. Um, really?

When Lauer asks whether leaving rehab before the 90-day mandated deadline is the best thing for Lindsay given her, ahem, unfortunate history, she continues to defend her daughter to the end:

"I think that's all propaganda, I think a lot of it is pre-orchestrated -- you're reading things that are not based on fact .... She's still paying the price from 2007 until now ... she was 19 [then], she's 24 now -- she's grown up considerably."

I like that Dina is supportive of her daughter amidst such attacks (whoa, did I just defend Dina?); but she's making it sound like Lindsay is the most sober, well-behaved person on the planet. In other words, to answer the question posed in the headline: I think we can safely say, "both."

What do you think of Dina Lohan's interview? Do you think she's doing enough to help Lindsay?


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