Cathy Guisewite Retires 'Cathy' After 34 Years -- But Readers Don't Care

Cathy Guisewite, the creator of the widely read comic strip "Cathy," is ending the cartoon after 34 years. Her reasons for quitting? She cited a desire to not only try other creative projects, but also spend more time with her family, specifically her 18-year-old daughter and her aging parents.

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"Cathy" followed the (somewhat redundant) adventures of an often insecure but always lovable single woman battling love, food, her mom, and work. It's a little sad to think we won't see Cathy freaking out in her bathing suit or whiny about men anymore ...

But if their comments are to be believed, comics fans simply don't care:


This one lets Guisewite off gently:

Good comic. I will miss it. I do the remember the ones from 10 or 20 years ago being better and fresher than the ones today. If it gives her opportunities to create other work, probably for the best.

This one is harsher:

Just plain awful and often demeaning to women ... painting them as neurotic, pitiful creatures obsessed with shopping. Good riddance.

And this one is just plain mean!

I used to like Cathy about 30 years ago when I was single and feeling sorry for myself. Once I got over it, I got over "Cathy" and never read it again. We were both pathetic.

Then, there's this precious gem:

Agreed with most of what has already been said. I will add that as an aspiring cartoonist myself, I am somewhat dubious as to how much time it actually takes away from one's family to produce the average Cathy strip.

I agree that Cathy did a little too much whining and ACKing for my taste. She did give voice to some of the neuroses that many women struggle with, but she didn't seem to really grow with the times. Still, I will miss her.

Did you read "Cathy"? Are you sad to see it end?


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