Rush Limbaugh Posts Wedding Pictures on Facebook ... Was He Jealous of Chelsea Clinton?

Rush Limbaugh WeddingToday, more than two months after marrying Kathryn Rogers, Rush Limbaugh posted pictures of his wedding on Facebook.

Uh, why?

"We decided to put these pictures up, originally we didn't intend to do any of this, but there's been such a clamor and frankly the pictures are such works of art that after we saw them, Kathryn and I, we wanted some of these things to be seen, so that's why we've created the Facebook page for you to see the wedding pics," Limbaugh said on the air today. "We might put some more up in the course of time." 

I haven't heard any clamoring, have you?

Perhaps the real reason is that he saw all the attention those darn Democratic Clintons were getting over Chelsea's wedding, when his just made a brief wave months ago? Did he want to remind everyone that he got married too and try to create a second wave?


Whatever the reason, it looks like it was a gorgeous event, and Elton John doesn't even look like he was in pain being there ... though I still have a problem believing he went willingly, even if he did get paid $1 million.

Others guests in attendance that weren't pictured included: Carl Rove, Fred Thompson, George Brett, Sean Hannity, Rudy Giuliani, Mary Matalin and James Carville, and Clarence Thomas.

"There aren't any of the guests because we haven't sought permission from the guests, you know, this thing was a private affair."

Private, but on Facebook. Got it.

You can see the full set of pictures on Limbaugh's Facebook page, if you care to check them out.

What do you think of Rush Limbaugh posting his wedding pictures on Facebook?

Image via Facebook

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