What's Next for Steven Slater, the Most Popular Guy in America?

When JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slatersteven slater tshirt
quit his job in the most dramatic way of all time, did he know he would be a champion for millions of disgruntled Americans who wished they could do the same?

With more than 123,518 Facebook fans and mentions in all the tabloids, news reports, and late night talk shows, it sure looks like Slater traded in 28 years on the job for 15 minutes of fame.

What's next for our working class hero? We can only imagine ...


A reality show is a must for anyone teetering on the edge of "almost" celebrity. Perhaps, Slater could host a show in which contestants compete to see who can quit their job in the most foul-mouthed manner (although this program would have to be postponed until people actually had jobs to quit).

The Situation wrote a self-help book, so why shouldn't Slater? He's already had to come clean about overcoming many of his personal struggles -- he's HIV positive, he's a recovering alcoholic, and his mother has lung cancer. Why not get paid for it?

A movie about Slater's heroic feat would surely win an Oscar. Possible actors to play Slater include: Will Ferrell. Michael Kors. Ian Ziering.

Slater and Lindsay Lohan have one big thing in common: a dramatic, public F-U moment. Will the flight attendant be forced to follow in LiLo's footsteps and do a stint in jail and rehab?

At the very least, the guy needs a Twitter account -- so we can follow each and every move of our future President.

What do you think will happen next for Steven Slater?

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