Pose Topless Like Ali Fedotowsky & 6 Other Ways to Get Famous Fast

Ali FedotowskyAli Fedotowsky, who found love with hunky Roberto Martinez on this past season of The Bachelorette, is the latest scandalous photo "victim." Apparently, an ex-boyfriend of hers is shopping around some naughty photographs of her, on her knees and topless, with her hands on her breasts while beer is being poured on her.

Classy. Though it is one of our favorite ways to shoot to stardom.


Route 1: Prepare for your future celebrity status by posing for naked photos. Make sure the lighting is good enough to see it's you, but dark enough to make it not look staged. If you really want to make waves, also create a sex tape. Star on a reality show -- The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are popular choices and are sure to skyrocket you to stardom. Once the show has wrapped, "accidentally" leak said nude photographs or sex tape. This is where your acting skills are put to the test -- be sure to act "shocked" by this news.

Route 2: Star in a reality show that ends up not really being reality, and during its last season, get multiple plastic surgery procedures, and have a very public divorce with your husband. This will buy you at least another six months in the gossip mags.

Route 3: Get a powerful politician's teenage daughter knocked up, then play the bad boy card by posing in Playboy. Then go back to being the good guy and propose. That is, until pre-prepped rumors surface that you're the baby's daddy to another girl. Bam! You have your own reality show.

Route 4: Have a lot of kids. Like 20.

Route 5: You have to actually have talent to accomplish this one, so good luck. Be an amazing singer -- but really ugly. The public will love you.

Route 6: Marry a millionaire, then proceed to lead a lifestyle so extravagant that you put yourself into bankruptcy. Oh, and throw chairs. And hell, maybe even do some singing and write a book.

Route 7: If you've had the opportunity to already be famous, but are wanting to revive public interest, you can do one of two things. If you're single, star in your own reality show to find true love. If you have a family, have cameramen follow them around your house.

What's your favorite fast track route to celebrity status?


Image via ABC.com

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