Will Britney Spears Outshine the 'Glee' Kids?

britney spears on gleeBritney's back, b****. And this time, she's fulfilling all of our Glee wishes by making an appearance on the Britney Spears tribute episode!

Creator Ryan Murphy told Ryan Seacrest that the pop star will show up in the very special episode this fall. Although Seacrest explains if we're looking for underhanded comments about Brit's troubled past (and maybe present?), we will be disappointed.

The Britney episode is a straight-up tribute to the star's former wonder.

But is this what we really want? Will the Britney wow factor leave the Glee kids in a shadow?


I tune in to Glee for the incredibly fun soundtrack, sure, but most of all I want to see how Rachel is dealing with her overconfidence/crushing insecurity balance and if Puck is going to go against type yet again and fuel my inappropriate crush. Plus, the other Britney was just getting interesting! Spears' power will destroy that air-headed, bisexual cheerleader.

There are three other tribute episodes scheduled for the rest of the season: Prince, The Beatles, and Michael Jackson. Of course some guest appearances here are impossible, but if Paul McCartney and Prince show up -- will anyone else get any air time?

I hope the kids get their moment to shine while singing, "Oops, I Did It Again," instead of the lady who made it famous. A perfect solution would be for the creators to use a light hand like when Josh Groban was on the show (who was hilarious, who knew?), but we never heard him sing.

Who do you love more, the guest stars or the Glee kids?

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