Heidi Montag and 7 Other Singers Who Must Have Failed English Class

Heidi Montag TwitterBecause we care (actually, do we?), Heidi Montag has been slipping some lyrics of her new song via Twitter. By the looks of it, it seems like Spencer might have provided the inspiration.


"Cause I wanna let my hair down is that alright is that ok? Ill be your blond tonight if that's what you like uhhhhh stilettos and fish nets"

"Look at me baby how I'm doing just drop like when I'm doing hahahaha.. now he says he wants me I don't need that concrete weighing on me"

"My friends are calling me everyone is telling me what you have been doing who you have been screwing.. your twisted as a liar you are gifted"

Eek. My inner editor is cringing from all of those grammar mistakes! But, I guess it doesn't really matter because it will probably only be heard by a total of 12 people.

I get that songs oftentimes have grammatical mistakes to make it flow easily, but here are seven other songs where the errors kick my editor alarm into high gear:

  1. "Fergalicious": Well, we know Fergie and Will.I.Am (don't get me started on his name) definitely didn't win any spelling bees in their time with a line like "T to the A, to the S-T-E-Y, girl you tasty." Now a whole generation of kids will have no idea how to correctly spell "tasty."
  2. "What Goes Around": Justin Timberlake does not know how to conjugate his verbs properly as seen in the line: "When you cheated girl, my heart bleeded girl." Yes, I understand that bled would not contain the correct amount of beats, but that's when you get creative and think of another lyric.
  3. "Ain't No Other Man": Double negative, Christina Aguilera, and it's even the title!
  4. "Brick in the Wall": "We don't need no education." Apparently, Pink Floyd, you do.
  5. "Invisible": In Clay Aiken's line "If I was invisible," "were" should have been used and it would've sounded fine!
  6. "I Will Buy You a New Life": Everclear breaks the redundancy rule in the line, "I will buy you a new car, perfect, shiny, and new." We get it, it's new.
  7. "The Way I Are": Love this Timbaland song but it's sooo grammatically incorrect that it bugs me to even utter the lyrics.

What are some lyrics that really irk you?


Image via Twitter.com

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