Queen Latifah 'Comes Out' & Other Famous 'I'm a Dyke!' Moments

queen latifah comes outQueen Latifah has supposedly come out of the closet. Her big moment? She was photographed hugging her friend and personal trainer Jeanette Jenkins on board a yacht in France, where they were vacationing with honeymooners Alicia Keys and Swizz Beats.

That's not what I'd call an official coming out, but if it turns out that the Queen is a lesbian, her big moment was about as anti-climatic as that of these fellow lesbian celebrities.

  1. Ellen DeGeneres
    Her "I'm a Dyke" Moment:
    On April 30, 1997, Ellen's "character" came out on her eponymous sitcom. The episode got huge ratings and media attention, and DeGeneres, who came out at the same time off camera, graced the cover of Time magazine, and was condemned by Jerry Falwell as "Ellen Degenerate."
    The Aftermath:
    Ellen was cancelled the following season.
    After the Aftermath: Ellen gets a talk show, wins awards, marries Portia de Rossi, becomes a judge on American Idol, quits as a judge of American Idol, has a baby (we hope), and lives happily ever after.

  2. Rosie O'Donnell
    Her "I'm a Dyke" Moment:
    On January 31, 2002, Rosie played a lesbian mom on Will & Grace. A month later, she came out as a lesbian at Caroline's Comedy Club, announcing, "I'm a dyke!"
    The Aftermath:
    Her talk show, The Rosie O'Donnell Show, ended two months later.
    After the Aftermath: Rosie partners up, has a lot of kids, breaks up and gets a new girlfriend. Now the word is, she's getting her own talk show on Oprah's new network. Life is good.

  3. Jodie Foster
    Her "I'm a Dyke"Moment:
    During an acceptance speech at the Hollywood Reporter's "Women in Entertainment" event, Foster thanked film producer Cydney Bernard, referring to her as "my beautiful Cydney, who sticks with me through the rotten and the bliss."
    The Aftermath:
    Someone, somewhere, was shocked.
    After the Aftermath: Jodie and Cydney break up. Jodie stars in some movies. Jodie is accused of attacking a teenage boy for taking photos of her and her sons -- though she still hasn't been questioned by police.


Image via Queen Latifah

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