Lady Gaga At Lollapalooza 2010: Bitter but Better

Lady GagaThree years after being relegated to a side stage at Lollapolooza and receiving harsh reviews, Lady Gaga was back, and by all accounts blew away the crowd of 80,000 at the festival last night in Chicago.

From USA Today:

"During the gaudy, engaging and sometimes messy Wagner-meets-RuPaul extravaganza, she shed (presumably fake) blood, sweat, sparks, a gazillion costume parts and whatever few inhibitions may have remained in her life. She was humble and brazen, stylish and substantive at the core, tireless, and absolutely dedicated to empowering her audience. She was unforgettable."


From a red cape to a nun's habit and and a ripped fishnet ... something, she donned her usual array of dramatic costumes, and even did a stage dive in her underwear during a performance by Semi Precious Weapons.

But for all the fun she appeared to be having, she still harbored some bitterness over criticism from her 2007 performance ... and about life in general.

According to, she told fans to "forget anyone who had ever said they weren't pretty enough, or that 'your Lollapalooza stage show was a (expletive) train wreck. You're a (expletive) superstar. You were born that way!''

"I didn't used to be brave," she said. "I was made fun of in school. I got told 'No,' but you have made me brave, little monsters. I'm gonna be brave for you."

I'm still disturbed by her recent admission to continued cocaine use, but I do like her music and message, and would have loved to have seen this performance. It sounds like it was amazing.

Are you a Lady Gaga fan? Anyone attend Lollapolooza?


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