Feel Bad for Mary-Kate! She's Had a Rough Life ...

marie claireOrdinarily, Mary-Kate Olsen, 24, is an extremely private person. But in the September issue of Marie Claire, she opens up in a startlingly revelatory interview about her past and personal life.

This honesty from someone who typically hides behind giant sunglasses refusing to speak to anyone is refreshing. But in the spirit of full disclosure, I should admit that after reading the interview excerpts, I sort of prefer when she's being photographed by the press rather than talking to them ...


In the interview, Mary-Kate complains about having to endure life as a child star on Full House:

"I look at old photos of me, and I don't feel connected to them at all … I would never wish my upbringing on anyone …"

Then she drives the point home by calling herself and her sister Ashley "little monkey performers."

Now, we all know that being a child star sucks. But Mary-Kate seems to be doing OK for herself (and Ashley, too!). Do we really have to listen to someone who's rich, beautiful, famous, a style icon, has two clothing lines, etc. whine about their "awful upbringing"? Sweetie, it could be worse. (Two words: Jodie Sweetin.)

Thankfully the pity party is short-lived, and Mary-Kate is able to move past her painful childhood, speaking about two topics that have been off-limits until now: her eating disorder and her relationship with Heath Ledger. She also reveals the two things that help her get through the rough times: talking and her fashion label, The Row, which she says is a "like a mask to hide behind."

All in all, a pretty candid admission from someone who's so typically tight-lipped. Still, I'll probably bypass the interview when the issue comes out and move on to her photo spread: Mary-Kate's style is what I'm most interested in, after all.


Image via MarieClaire.com

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