Chelsea Clinton's Wedding Dance Choreographed by 'DWTS' Star -- What a Show-Off!

maksim chmerkovskiy dancing with the starsThe more I hear about Chelsea Clinton's wedding, the more I wish it were my own. The dress, the cake, the flowers ... it all sounds practically perfect! This latest bit of wedding gossip makes me even greener with envy: Dancing With the Stars pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy choreographed Chelsea's first dance with her new husband, Marc Mezvinsky.

And according to the wedding guests, it was truly fantastic ...


There's nothing worse than an awkward first dance at a wedding. You know what I'm talking about: Neither partner knows how to dance, but they have to uphold tradition. And so they stand there self-consciously in the middle of the dance floor, clinging to each other and swaying to "You're the Inspiration," while silently praying for the song to be over. It's painful for the couple, but even more painful for the guests.

So, it would make sense that Chelsea Clinton, the seemingly perfect bride, would avoid this situation at all costs and hire a professional to teach her to dance. 

And the guests certainly appreciated the gesture. One friend even said:

"It was an amazing, funny, unexpected dance ... Bill and Hillary seemed to love it."

Chmerkovskiy for his part is keeping mum about Chelsea and her dancing skills, telling OK Magazine:

“Their wedding was kept very personal and private, and I respect their privacy.”

Boo. That's no fun. So much secrecy! But that's the interesting thing about this gossip. It actually reveals something about Chelsea that we didn't know before: She, like many of us, is a fan of DWTS.

What do you think is most annoying first dance song?


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