Joseph Gordon-Levitt and 5 Other Nerdy-Sexy-Hot Male Celebrities

 Nerdy Hot Joseph Gordon-Levitt
My husband and I finally managed to see Inception the other night, and while I enjoyed the mind-bending storyline and the crazy effects and the shoot-em-up action scenes and the presence of Ellen Page for her role as Girl Who Clarifies Some of the More Confusing Plot Points With Her Incessant Questioning, I'll tell you what I REALLY liked: Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

It's funny, I've seen him in movies before but never thought he was particularly attractive. But there was something about his character in Inception—maybe it was the slicked-back hair, the skinny ties, or the slightly-uptight-yet-badass 'tude—that made him incredibly appealing. I mean, even more so than Tom Hardy, whose mouth is such a work of art it should be framed and displayed in the Louvre.


It got me thinking about other oddball, kinda-nerdy-looking guys who are, despite their dorkiness, relentlessly hot. Like, remove-the-pocket-protector-with-your-teeth hot. See if you agree with me on these choices:

Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart. Oh yeah, you know you want a piece of that. Show me your acerbic wit, baby. Dazzle me with political bon mots. Mesmerize me with your big, fat ... intellect. Make me laugh until I cry, Mr. Stewart, and when it's over, skewer the Republican party while comically adjusting your collar. 

Zach Braff

Zach Braff. From his role as lovable Scrubs geek to the tender, sweet-hearted dude he played in Garden State, there's just something about Zach Braff. He seems like he'd hold the door open for you, you know? He'd be funny and goofy and he'd have great taste in music. His hair would always be a mess. He'd give you utterly romantic, weird gifts to celebrate things like the first time you held hands in a movie theater. His giant mega-nose would bonk against yours when he kissed you.

Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum. What can I say, I find his rapid-fire, mad-scientist shtick irresistible. And he's what, eleventy feet tall? I can't always forgive a man for those narrow hipster I'm Really Into Eames Chairs eyeglass frames, but for him I will.

Jim Krasinski

John Krasinski. Uh, HELLO. It's JIM. *girlish shriek*

Justin Timberlake
Justin Timberlake. It seems like he's done a very good job of making it SEEM like he doesn't look like a dork, what with his groovy pop-star lifestyle and smoking-hot girlfriend and all, but make no mistake about it: Justin Timberlake looks like a dork. Especially when he's got that beard-fro going on along with the computer-programmer glasses. Still, he's an awfully tasty dork, and frankly, he could rock my body anytime.

Can you think of any more nerdy-sexy Hollywood stars to add to the list?


Images (top to bottom):  Be the changes~♥~You wish to see in the world/Flickr,, David Shankbone/Flickr,,, Joe Shlabotnik/Flickr

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