Tina Fey Stars in Dorky Bank Commercial Circa 1995

tina fey bank videoTina Fey may be the Emmy-winning superstar behind 30 Rock and do the most spot-on Sarah Palin impression ever, but she has a struggling actor past too! The Frisky posted this adorably embarrassing video of an ad for Mutual Savings Bank starring Tina Fey in a tapestry vest that looks just like the ones my mom made for me in the early '90s.

I'm thinking Tina Fey watches this video repeatedly for Liz Lemon inspiration. Check out the many expressions of Tina Fey before she was big.





How cute is she? I love unearthing the early years of superstars. It makes you realize everyone starts somewhere, and no one begins a career as a polished, top-of-her-game powerhouse.

For more "before they were stars" fun, check out this Law & Order episode starring Stephen Colbert.


Image via david_shankbone/Flickr

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