Angelina Jolie Hired a Hitman for Herself, Does Drugs, Which Story Is True?

Angelina JOlieGuess which one of these stories is true:

Angelina Jolie was so depressed that she hired someone to off her.

She cuts herself to feel alive.

She does drugs.

She only goes after married men.

Her relationship with her mom was messed up because she looked too much like her father, Jon Voight, who bailed on her and her mother.

She used Maddox to land Brad Pitt.


Answer: all true! Well, according to controversial author Andrew Morton, who wrote the new Angelina tell-all book Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography.

Angelina has always been very open about her past, and has admitted to drug use and cutting. And if memory serves me correctly, she even talked to Rolling Stone about how she did indeed think about hiring a hitman during a very depressing time in her life. But that was like back in 2001.

It's like this guy took opinions of Angelina (i.e., always going after married guys) and the skeletons of her past (hitman, drugs, etc.), bundled them all up, and is trying to sell it.


I hate that for her, especially since she's always been so open about her life. People should respect it, not try to make money off of it.

Think this guy has a right to publish this stuff?


Image via chris natt/Flickr


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