Linkin Park 'The Catalyst': More Music for Angst-Ridden Teenagers

Linkin ParkI've never been a huge fan of band Linkin Park, and their new song "The Catalyst" from upcoming album A Thousand Suns doesn't do much to convert me.

Their music has always reminded me of angst-ridden junior high students, and this song does as well ... maybe more so considering that this one is the soundtrack for a military video game.

Check it out and see what you think:


It was released today as part of a trailer for the video game Medal of Honor, which is scheduled to be released October 12.

As for the video game, set in Afghanistan, it just hits me as all sorts of wrong that people here in the cozy comfort of their air-conditioned living rooms will be sitting around fighting the Taliban when there are men and women who are really fighting the fight and risking their lives every day ... with no musical soundtrack in the background.

What do you think of Linkin Park's new song "The Catalyst"?

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