Lindsay Lohan Released From Jail, Goes Straight to Rehab

Lindsay LohanAlready?! That was the shortest 90 days I've ever heard of. Yep, you guessed it, Lindsay Lohan has been released from jail after a mere 13 days due to good behavior and over-crowding at the jail.

But she immediately has to trot off to rehab -- no family time, no friend time, no time to slip a little drinky drink, does not get to collect $200 for passing go. Straight to the center.


Originally thought to spend the next 90 days at Morningside rehab facility, the judge changed her mind over the weekend and opted for UCLA Medical Center because of security purposes (at least it's not some trendy rehab center like the one she checked herself into prior to going to jail).

After she finishes her rehab sentence, she is then on probation until August 2011. Hopefully by then "probation" will hold a little bit more weight than it has for her in the past.

Do you think it's fair that Lindsay got out of jail so early? Do you think she should have had at least some time to spend with family before going to rehab?


Image via Splash News

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