Lindsay Lohan Jail Release Today?

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan may be getting out of jail any minute now. What did she serve, like 10 minutes? The Los Angeles County Sheriff's office had said previously that today would be the earliest Lohan would be released, after serving about two weeks of a 90-day sentence.

Lohan's attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, confirmed to TMZ a short while ago that today might be the day she's released. "No offense to the city of Lynwood ... but I am really tired of coming here."

But by far the biggest clue is Lohan's team of makeup artists and hair stylists. Popeater reports that several of Lohan's favorite stylists and hair and makeup people have been put on call through the entire weekend. Police have said that when Lohan is released, it will likely be at midnight to minimize the media frenzy, as if that would really happen. Dozens of cameramen are already camped out at the jail's back door.


Lohan has reportedly been struggling in the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, Calif., putting up with frequent name-calling from other inmates, though her lawyer says she has made friends. She's also driving others crazy with all her requests. Even though her lawyer insists she hasn't received special treatment, we know that can't be true. For one, Lohan was allowed to keep her hair extensions upon entering the facility. Other inmates have to lose theirs, but jail officials said Lohan's were sewn too close to her scalp to remove them easily.

Lohan's legal obligations are far from over -- now she will enter part two of  her sentence: rehab. The judge in her case, Marsha Revel, has reportedly ignored advice of court appointed psychiatrists to enroll her in a UCLA run program and has ordered Lohan to enter the Morningside rehab facility in Orange County upon her release from jail. Lindsay's not thrilled with this. She'd like to spend time with her family first.

Morningside specializes in cases of methamphetamine and opiate abuse -- which are Lohan's drugs of choice. Meth speeds you up, opiates take you back down. The director of Morningside convinced Judge Revel that he would be a lot tougher on Lohan than the other programs would.


Image via B. Charles Johnson/Flickr

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