Michael Cera Goes Pantless for 'GQ' -- Hot? Not So Much

Michael Cera in GQPants down. Legs sprawled open. Oh yes. Michael Cera lets it all hang out in a spread for GQ along with his Scott Pilgrim vs. the World co-stars, Jason Schwartzman and Chris Evans. 

All I have to say is thank god the privates are blurred out. As much as I love Michael Cera as an actor, I'm not going to be rushing to pick up a magazine to see his junk.


The photoshoot is celebrating a trend that, apparently, the editors at GQ endorse: Pantless Saturdays. Not sure how this ties in to Cera's movie -- they mention something about modern-day Spartans in the article? -- but to each their own.

The slideshow also shows Cera doing some very dangerous-looking bicycle tricks (being that he has no pants) along the east side of Manhattan, Schwartzman and Cera gleefully skipping down 5th Avenue together, and Chris Evans standing in a subway train (I couldn't help but notice that his "blur" was quite large ... just sayin').

Let's just say, Pantless Saturdays is one trend that I hope does not catch on.

Check out the full slideshow at GQ's website and tell me which photo is your favorite!


Image via GQ.com

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