Leonardo DiCaprio Out of Mel Gibson Movie

leonardo dicaprio pulls out of mel gibson movieIf Mel Gibson actually gets another movie made, it will be a miracle. A sad, shameful miracle. So when reports that Leonardo DiCaprio was pulling out of Mel's latest film surfaced, the bigger surprise was that Mel was still working.

DiCaprio is at the top of his game, with everyone buzzing about Inception. He has a seat at any Martin Scorsese table read and has solidly moved from teen heartthrob to serious leading man. If anyone could actually save a Mel Gibson project, it would be him.


So good for Leo for putting ethical concerns before a buck, if the reports are indeed true. I would hope most actors would shy away from working with Mel Gibson after his misogynistic, racist, and violent rants were made public. There's no denying he's a sick man with little value for women, minorities, or even the safety of his own baby.

The real news will be if Mel gets another project -- who will line up to work with him?

Do you think actors should boycott Mel Gibson's films?


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