Jessica Simpson Is Added to the Growing List of 'American Idol' Judge Candidates

Jessica SimpsonOkay, I'm getting a little annoyed about the whole Simon Cowell replacement search ... just get it over with already! In the last six months, we've heard Howard Stern, Bret Michaels, and just last week Chris Isaak. Now we have a new candidate: Jessica Simpson.


Apparently the ditzy blonde has had several meetings with American Idol execs and there's a mutual interest from both parties.

I think she's a much better choice than Chris Isaak. Everyone knows her and she's notorious for her dumb remarks, so that'll add to the entertainment level. But honestly, I'm so sick of hearing about a new candidate every other week that I could care less at this point.

Just pick someone!

Are you as ready as I am for them to pick a replacement for Simon? Who would you like to see be added to the judging panel? Do you think Jessica is a good choice?


Image via jvh33/Flickr

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