Racy Angelina Jolie Photos Surface: Dog Collars, Heroin, and Blindfolds, Oh My!

Angelina JolieUh oh, wonder what Brad Pitt is thinking as unauthorized naked, bondage-like pictures of Angelina Jolie have surfaced and are scheduled to be published in Star magazine next month.

The never-before-seen pictures of Angelina are said to be quite explicit (think dog collars, blindfolds, and duct-taped nipples). They were reportedly taken in 1999 during a heroin binge and sold by an old "friend" of hers.

The magazine's cover reads: "Angelina & Brad: The Photos That Will Tear Them Apart!" It's scheduled for publication on August 9.


"The photographs are a startling reminder to Angelina of a period in her life I’m sure she wants to forget, a shady piece of her history that she’s kept hidden away, even from Brad," biographer Andrew Morton, author of Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography, told Star.

Honestly, unless there's some legal recourse they can take against the magazine, I don't think Brad will care at all about the pictures.

He knows Angie wasn't an angel; the whole world knows. We all saw her make out with her brother and wear a vial of blood around her neck, so what's a dog collar on top of all that?

I'm sure he doesn't like the world looking at his wife like that, and may worry about the repercussions for their children, but I doubt it will cause even a small dent in what seems to be their solid relationship as of late.

The past is the past, and she appears to be a great wife and mother now. I'm guessing that's all Brad cares about.

Do you think these pictures will cause a problem between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?

Image via StarMagzine.com

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