What Will Elisabeth Hasselbeck Say to President Obama on 'The View'?

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck is not a fan of President Obama. Oh, you didn't know?

Tomorrow on The View the two will face off, and we can only hope Elisabeth gets a word in edgewise and can address all of the issues she talks about when President Obama isn't on the yellow couch. Get ready to defend yourself, Barack, because Hasselbeck has some, um, interesting accusations and assumptions -- and she needs to be heard!

Here are five questions the blonde talk show host might want to revisit:

  • And one question from President Obama to Hasselbeck: How come I never saw you on my campaign bus ... after you promised?

For more Elisabeth Hasselbeck fun, check out this video of her 25 most annoying moments. I know, only 25?


Images (left to right): ABC, Facebook

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