Barbara Ross Spawned Secret Love Child With Michael Jackson?

michael jacksonGet ready for a whole lotta crazy ...

A woman in the Netherlands is claiming to be the illegitimate love child of Michael Jackson and Barbara Ross (who is Diana Ross' sister).

Oh, but, wait, wait ... it gets even better.

The woman, Mocienne Petit Jackson, has filed documents with L.A. County Superior Court and is claiming that she was secretly conceived back in 1975 -- when MJ was only 17 years old. Nine years later, Michael's mother, Katherine Jackson, allegedly planned to abduct Mocienne and send her to Belgium -- to protect MJ's pristine reputation, of course. However, the plan was foiled as all seven of her supposed abductors were murdered.

Now, you won't believe what Mocienne wants ...


She wants a part of her father's inheritance, as well as custody of his children.

And until a judge orders a DNA test, here's her proof that MJ is her dad: She too was diagnosed with Vitiligo -- the disorder that causes depigmentation of patches of skin.

Shockingly, no one from either the Ross or Jackson side has confirmed the story.

I think it's time to cue up "Billie Jean" ...

Do you think there's any truth to Mocienne Petit Jackson's allegations?


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