Ron Livingston Is Keyboard Cat?

Ron Livingston with his wife.
Ron Livingston with his wife.
This is why I love the Internet -- it's where two totally disparate things can come together and somehow make sense (well, almost).

In this case we've got (1) Ron Livingston, the cute and good but not super-famous actor who’s probably best known for his lead role in the always-on-cable comedy Office Space, but who’s also done great work on Sex and the City and Band of Brothers.

Then (2), you’ve got Keyboard Cat, a YouTube video created by a performance artist named Charlie Schmidt. Wait 'til you see what happens when the two get together ...


But first, a little background on Keyboard Cat: Shot in the ‘80s, the video just showed Schmidt's cat, Fatso, playing an electric keyboard while wearing a little shirt. It became a way for YouTube mashup artists to commemorate epic fails. Do something stupid onscreen, get "played off" by Keyboard Cat. It was one of the Internet's most prodigious memes of '09.

For some reason, this has led to the ultimate mashup: Ron Livingston re-enacts Fatso’s turn as Keyboard Cat. Shot for shot. Perfect imitation. Go on, click. You know you want to see it.

The question on everyone’s lips is, of course: Why? The video first appeared on what seems to be Ron Livingston’s personal YouTube page, but it’s the only video uploaded to that account, and there’s been no explanation from the Livingston camp. Frustrating!

Of course, many celebs -- including the irresistible James Franco and poor, unfortunate Chris Klein -- have made fun of themselves on the web. And we love them for it. But in terms of sheer, unadulterated, deadpan randomness, Ron Livingston takes the kibble.
We’re just waiting for people to start inserting Ron Livingston into "fail" clips instead of Keyboard Cat. Colbert Report, anyone?


Image via NYTVF/Flickr

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