Kate Gosselin Lost Her 'DWTS' Friends, But Her Custody Battle Is Over!

Kate GosselinKate Gosselin is like the kid that no one likes in school, but it's only because of her own anti-social ways. Apparently, the folks from last season's Dancing With the Stars have all stayed close with one another and are planning a big reunion dinner in Los Angeles.

Everyone was invited except Kate (aww!). No one has seen or talked to her since the finale, despite several phone call attempts -- and this is before she went trekking off into the wilderness with Sarah Palin, so no real excuse on her end.


Be careful Sarah, that BFF-bond that you may gain with Kate over the campfire may not be real once the cameras stop rolling.

But, hey, let's give the gal the benefit of the doubt -- she has been taking care of eight kids (though, she has time to get orange self-tanning and pedicures ... ). And now that the custody battle is over with her ex-husband Jon, she may have more time for friends. The two have finally come to an agreement that suits both parties, though the details are being kept confidential.

Hmm, I'm thinking it's one of those "he has the kids every other weekend" deals. He's going to want to have time to party with his 23-year-old girlfriend.

Why do you think Kate was ignoring calls from the DWTS castmates? What do you think was the outcome of the custody battle?


Image via ABC.com

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