Katy Perry: So Catchy It Hurts

katy perry teenage dream

A sneak peek at Katy Perry's new video for her song "Teenage Dream" made its way round the web today, reminding us that -- love her or hate her -- the bubblegum pop princess is responsible for the catchiest songs on the radio these days.

And "Teenage Dream" is certainly no exception ...


The ditty tells the tale of a boy who makes Perry feel like a teenager again. In the video, she dons only a black bra and jeans and frolics/locks lips on the beach with a hot, muscled, shirtless guy. Um, I knew NO boys that looked like that when I was a teenager ... and yet I digress ...

Fortunately, the hottie in the video is NOT Perry's real-life fiance, Russell Brand. (He would be in the video for "Teenage Nightmare," am I right?) Rather, its Josh Kloss -- you know, from The O.C.? (Yeah, I didn't recognize him either.)

The beach-themed video is quite a change from the over-the-top ridiculousness of her last video, "California Gurls." Katy's tunes are super-catchy -- especially if you're at the gym or in the mood for a dance party (aren't you always?). Plus, I think she's beautiful and her resemblance to Zooey Deschanel is at times uncanny:

katy perry

But her insistent campiness tends to annoy me. I prefer her pared-down, more natural side ... Although I wouldn't mind some blinged-out daisy dukes. Her BF, however? He's got to go.

Do you love Katy Perry or hate her?


Image via tooFAB.com

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