Casey Affleck a Sexual Harasser?

Casey Affleck (right) with a fan

It's weird to think of Ben Affleck's cute and cuddly little bro as anything other than innocent; but the details that are coming out about Casey Affleck being sued for sexual harassment by a former employee are anything but positive.

Amanda White, a producer on Casey Affleck's film, I'm Still Here (about Joaquin Phoenix), is behind the lawsuit, claiming that Affleck refused to pay her after she rejected his offer to spend a night in a hotel with him.

Affleck's defense? Her claims are baseless. Rather, she's just bitter about being removed from the project and is seeking revenge through a $2 million suit.


According to the suit, White is accusing Affleck of the following:

- He repeatedly referred to women as "cows."

- He discussed his sexual exploits and those of other celebrities that he allegedly witnessed.

- After learning her age, he asked White, "Isn't it about time you get pregnant?"

- He hired prostitutes to be on set -- even though none of that footage ended up in the movie.

- After she refused to stay in the same hotel room with him (when the team was filming in San Francisco), he "became hostile and aggressive" and "violently grabbed her arm in an effort to intimidate her into staying."

- After being slighted in the hotel incident, he sent her "abusive" text messages. He refused to give White the previously agreed upon wages of $50,000 for her work on the film.

Affleck is denying the allegations -- calling them "preposterous and without merit" -- and plans to counter-sue. All in all, it's hard to know who to believe: Affleck, who has two kids with wife Summer (Phoenix's little sis), has had a squeaky-clean image up 'til now. But I think there's usually some truth to these sort of claims -- although, really, what do I know?

Do you think Affleck is guilty of sexual harassment? Or is this simply a case of sour grapes?


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