Eric Roberts Enters 'Celebrity Rehab'

Eric RobertsJust when I'd forgotten all about Eric Roberts, the actor is back in the headlines again after a very long hiatus ... but in so not a good way. It's easy to forget about poor Eric when he's big brother to an overshadowing superstar sister like Julia Roberts, and father to a nearly as overshadowing superstar daughter like Emma Roberts, now 19.

As Julia Roberts generates mega excitement and anticipation over her upcoming movie Eat, Pray, Love, Second Fiddle Eric is making the entertainment news wires for checking into Celebrity Rehab, reports The Huffington Post. I wonder if that means he'll miss his little sis's movie. I wonder if he's glad about that. I wonder if he hasn't timed this to Julia's movie. I can't believe he's not totally green-eyed jealous of her.


He and Julia became estranged during a 1993 custody battle for Emma when Julia sided with his ex-girlfriend, but the siblings supposedly patched things up in 2004 over the birth of Julia's twins.

Eric will be recovering from a yet unknown addiction along with housemates Rachel Uchitel, Janice Dickinson, Leif Garrett, and Jeremy London in the Celebrity Rehab house. Eric won't have any trouble coming up with a good addiction. He can take his pick:

Pot (He was arrested in 1987 for cocaine and marijuana possession and trying to assault a police officer.)

Violence (He faced multiple accusations of domestic violence in the '90s as he continued to battle a cocaine problem.)

Cocaine (reference the previous two)

Leif Garrett, wow. I forgot about him, too. I only barely remember him because when I was little, he appeared in some TV show or movie riding a horse. I clearly remember that horse. And Jeremy London. I only summon him for his recent kidnapping weirdness, and the other two celebrities (?) aren't even memorable enough to forget in the first place.

London is thrilled that Eric has joined the show and will be his roommate. "He's an incredible person."

C'mon, we know he's only saying that because he wants to meet Julia.

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