'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Reenacted by Kids

real housewives of new jersey kids reenactHowling! Have you seen the reenactment of The Real Housewives of New Jersey yet?

The same little girls who brought you reenactments of The Hills and Jersey Shore are taking on Danielle, Jacqueline, Caroline, and Teresa. The wigs did a lot of the acting, but these little girls nailed some big moments.

Including Danielle's bodyguards was a stroke of genius (was that Michael Imperioli?), as is every scene with Teresa ending in a table flip.


Hearing a little girl struggle with the word "foreclosure" didn't seem too off from the original banquet hall fight. While some things were different (the charity was about puppies instead of babies), the little actress playing Danielle still captured her complete lack of self-awareness.

Danielle's long-suffering daughter, Christine, was played by a baby.

I think some Emmy awards (Webby awards?) are due to these tiny housewives. Check out the reenactment and tell me if you think these kids or the real stars are more authentic.

What should these tiny thespians do next? Mad Men?


Image via Babelgum

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