Jon Hamm: Shocking Smoking Secret From 'Mad Men'

It's difficult to imagine a more ideal-looking man than Jon Hamm, who plays sophisticated ladies' man Don Draper on AMC's Mad Men. Even though he's exceptionally fun to gawk at, there's more to him than just being extremely easy on the eyes.

He took a break from filming to answer readers' questions at, giving insight on everything from his character to the political issues on Mad Men to, most importantly, how he gets his hair to look so damn good on the show.

Want to know more about the man behind that smoldering gaze? Well, if you insist ...


Jon seems to have quite a bit of empathy for the man he plays on TV, regardless of his character's flaws and cheating ways. When asked about Don Draper's redeeming qualities, Jon reminded us that Don "had a terrible childhood. What he has accomplished, he has accomplished through the strength of his own will and his own ambition. I think that's what resonates through the show."

The other thing that resonates through the show is the time period: Mad Men takes place in the '60s, and a lot was going on in America, to say the very least. There were wars, struggles for racial and social equality, people were beginning to wear bell-bottoms, you name it. In terms of how the show deals with all these issues, Jon said:

"I've read reviews that take us to task for not having more African Americans or dealing with gay issues or women's issues. And I think that criticism is fundamentally flawed because the show is not a travelogue through the '60s. It's about very specific people in a very specific place at a very specific time. That comes with warts and all."

Speaking of the '60s, everyone smoked back then. Ever wondered how Jon manages not to get lung cancer? He said that "there's no nicotine or tar" in the sticks he smokes, and that they're "a blend of some kind of herbs and spices that burn and look like real cigarettes."

Thank goodness. Jon may be sexy, but the thought of him with stained teeth, a hacking cough, and an oxygen tank is a major turn-off.

For those of you who want to replicate Jon's hair on your husbands (don't we all?), he said the secret is "about three pounds of hair spray and gel ... It is locked down. Crispy."

Not very helpful, Jon. When you get frustrated after figuring out you really can't replicate his look, check out Jon's perfect hair (stop sighing, it ain't gonna happen with your husband's locks) and all the drama his character is bound to get into this Sunday, July 25, for the season premiere of Mad Men!

Okay, enough talk ... are you excited for the new season?

Image via AMC

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