'Bethenny Getting Married' Recap: Happy Birthday, Baby Bryn!

Bethenny FrankelBaby Bryn arrived on tonight's episode of Bethenny Getting Married five weeks ahead of her due date. 

One would think that five weeks before the arrival of one's first baby, at least some preparations would be underway. But one would be wrong in this case, because when Bethenny's water broke, she and Jason didn't even have a clue, much less a bassinet.


"We have no bag packed; we have no plan; we have no baby's room; we have no bassinet; we have no nothing," Bethenny said. "We haven't done sh#t."

It's hard for me to believe that someone as Type A as Bethenny would leave so many details undone, but it certainly made for some good TV as the whole team set into panic mode.

Her assistant Max is adorable and just hopefully earned a huge bonus as he was sent out to buy Bethenny new underwear (after she tried to pack a thong in her hospital bag).

"Is there any special like I-just-had-a-baby underwear?" he asked in a fancy lingerie shop before selecting a selection for the new mom.

Bethenny's other assistant, Julie, spent time with the nurse (who Bethenny is hell bent on retaining) getting things ready.

Sweet, awesome Jason (with great abs, I might ad after tonight's shower scene), was by Bethenny's side with all his support and excitement. He was so incredibly excited to meet and find out the sex of his baby, it was infectious.

While obviously flustered by the unexpected arrival, Bethenny maintained her snark and humor ... especially after the epidural.

"I'm at a bar right now ... this is awesome. Word up!" she said while under its influence.

Then, after 26 hours of labor (and about a thousand Italian ices), she was wheeled off for a c-section, and a birth announcement of sorts appeared: Bryn Hoppy was born May 8 at 8 a.m., 4 lbs. 12 oz. 

I've said it before, but I'll say it again: Congratulations!

Did you watch Bethenny Getting Married this week? What did you think of Bethenny's baby preparations ... or lack thereof?


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