Wife of Jeremy London Has Brain Hemorrhage in 'Celebrity Rehab'

jeremy london wife brain hemorrhage celebrity rehabCelebrity Rehab may have had a hard time finding a cast for the next season, but Jeremy London and wife Melissa Cunningham are offering enough drama on their own.

Melissa Cunningham is back at the Pasadena Recovery Center, where Dr. Drew Pinsky treats his patients and Celebrity Rehab is filmed, after suffering a brain hemorrhage on Sunday.

Cunningham is being treated for prescription drug addiction and, by all accounts, is having a really tough time with withdrawal.


I remember on Celebrity Rehab Season 2 when Amber Smith went through a brutal prescription drug withdrawal that was disturbing to watch. I imagine Cunningham is experiencing similar physical symptoms.

London and Cunningham are also divorcing, so I'm sure being in the same rehab center will be painful for both of them. Remember the tension between Tom Sizemore and Heidi Fleiss? Let's just hope they both get clean so they can parent their little boy. No more fake kidnappings Jeremy, do ya hear?

Other contestants on the next Celebrity Rehab include Leif Garrett, Rachel Uchitel of Tiger Woods fame, Janice Dickinson, and The Hills star, Jason Wahler.

Will you be watching the next season of Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew?


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