Simon Monjack and Brittany Murphy -- Same Cause of Death

simon monjack brittany murphy same cause of deathThe sad deaths of Brittany Murphy and her husband, Simon Monjack, have a tragic twist: They both died of acute pneumonia and acute anemia, with no illegal drugs in either of their systems.

The Clueless actress passed away in December of last year, and Monjack more recently this May. While drug overdoses were speculated upon in both their untimely deaths, that does not seem to be the case.

However, in the case of Murphy, "elevated levels" of Vicodin were found in her system. While it's a prescription drug she obtained legally, in recent years we've seen a sharp increase in prescription drug abuse, addiction, and overdose. And as the coroner's office reported, while her death was accidental, it was preventable.


Monjack also was not in the best health, reportedly suffering a minor heart attack a few weeks before his wife died. He was also supposed to be scheduled for a bypass, according to a friend, but after Murphy's death, he wasn't interested in preserving his own health.

Which, again, makes his death sound accidental, but preventable.

Hopefully Monjack and Murphy will rest in peace.


Image via Splash News

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