Britney Spears Needs a Makeover STAT!

Britney SpearsPoor Britney Spears, she's been doing a pretty good job staying out of trouble in her personal life, but what's up with her hair?

Check out these photos of the giant hole in her hair.

Why on earth would she ever choose to go in public looking like that? Whether it's damage from the extensions she sports or something else, it doesn't matter much, but she clearly needs to wear a hat or pony tail to cover that spot.

Such a flashback to her whole messed up head-shaving incident.


While we all have bad hair days, this is beyond bad. Did she not know it looked like that when she stepped out to go shopping? Did she not care?

Either way, it's somewhat concerning ... beyond being unsightly.

Her outfit also leaves a lot to be desired (though I actually own the same shorts she's sporting -- J.Crew). It just looks like she doesn't care AT ALL. White socks with those boots? On her legs?

Why is it that no matter what she tries, and how much money she has, she always looks little trashy instead of classy?

Brit Brit is in desperate need of a makeover, starting with her hair.

I'd like to see her do a great short cut that would let her hair grow out naturally. Tone down the bleach, bleach blonde, and soften it up. Cute, cool, and sassy for summer. 

She has such a pretty face and is looking pretty toned these days, there's no reason she should be walking around looking like she has been. 

Who knows, it could be a great first step for her away from ghetto parenting.

What makeover advice would you give Britney Spears?

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