Lindsay Lohan Is Jail Neighbors With Girl Who Robbed Her -- Irony!

Lindsay Lohan mugshotHow is this for irony: Reality star and member of "the bling ring," Alexis Neiers, who was accused of breaking into Lindsay Lohan's house, is Lindsay's jail cell neighbor. Who says it isn't a small world?

Lindsay was carted off to the slammer yesterday to serve her 90 day what looks to be only a 14-day sentence thanks to an overcrowded jail, and now resides next to Alexis, who's currently doing a six-month sentence for burglarizing Orlando Bloom's home.

Oh to be a fly on the wall in that jail. 


LiLo isn't stoked about her new digs (but, really, who would be?). Her on-again, off-again lawyer was Lohan's first visitor, and tells People:

"Generally, the first two days in jail are the most difficult, I just kept reminding her of that. She's doing the best she can. Her spirits aren't high but I spoke to some of the deputies and they said Lindsay's reaction is the same as anyone in her situation."

If Lindsay's on good behavior, she'll get out just in time to attend the premiere of her new movie Machete in which she plays a nun ...

Okay, okay, the irony is just too much now.

What do you think of Lindsay's situation so far? Think it's good for her? What do you think is being said through the jail bars between Lindsay and Alexis?


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