Will Jail Scare Lindsay Lohan Straight?

lindsay lohanThe legal drama continues for Lindsay Lohan, who surrendered to the court in order to begin her 90-day jail sentence today. Her original lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, who quit earlier this month, is reportedly back at her side after her recent hire, Robert Shapiro, bailed on her last night. Between the lawyer craziness, her freaky dad, and her party-girl-wannabe mom, you have to wonder if anyone's truly got Lindsay's back as her personal life continues to crash and burn.

Hey, I love a good train wreck as much as anyone else, but I feel sorry for the girl!


She may be a spoiled celebrity, but she sure seems like a spoiled celebrity with one hell of a substance abuse problem. All the forced rehab and SCRAM bracelets in the world won't get her on track until she's ready to make a change, and so far she seems like she's firmly mired in that famed river in Egypt.

Maybe this jail sentence will be the wake-up call Lindsay needs to get help, although it doesn't seem likely -- legal experts say she may only serve two short weeks thanks to overcrowding. Successful long-term treatment often involves the support of family, and she seems to be getting shortchanged in that department too, thanks to her fame-seeking parents who would rather shill for interviews than pay attention to their daughter.

What do you guys think? Will jail be Lindsay's rock bottom -- or just another bump in her already-rocky road?


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