'Eat Pray Love' Movie: 5 Ways to Get Excited

eat pray love movieI'm thinking this Eat Pray Love movie starring international superstar Julia Roberts is going to be a big deal, right?

If the movie posters popping up around LA nearly a month before release date (August 13!) are any indicator, no one is not going to know about the Oprah-approved book's transition to the big screen.

Here are five other places you can spot Eat Pray Love movie tie-ins:


Eat Pray Love Facebook Page

Check out the trailer on the FB fan page and wish this was your life.

Eat Pray Love Clothing Line

Where you can dress like you have a ton of vacation days and no responsibilities except to your own personal growth.

STA Eat Pray Love Travel Sweepstakes

Win a trip to Italy, India, and Bali and re-create the journey via STA Travel. Even if you haven't read the book and have no desire to see the movie, you should really enter. That's a serious vacation, ladies.

Eat Pray Love Hotel Package

For those who can't quite afford the round the world travel; a hotel in Florida kicks off the opening night of the film by offering a three-day, two-night package (starting at $199 per person) where upon arrival you eat, the next day is some meditation (pray), and the final day offers a day of "romantic discovery" (that's the love part).

Anti-Eat Pray Love Trailer

Of course this was created by someone with an interest in The Expendables (now there's a scary movie poster) beating Eat Pray Love at the box office. Take it with a grain of sweaty man-salt.

Are you going to see Eat Pray Love?

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