Jennifer Love Hewitt: Post Prostitute Role My Mother Is Ready for Cartoons

Jennifer Love HewittStepping far outside her sweet girl image, Jennifer Love Hewitt will star as a prostitute in her film The Client List that airs for the first time Monday on Lifetime.

Whether she'll be convincing in the role, which is based on a true story, will be interesting to watch. Her mother, however, has said she'd like to watch Jennifer in some less-racy roles.


"She was very supportive," Hewitt told the Toronto Sun. "But then a week ago she was like, 'So, let's review the last year, shall we?' For 15 years people have been talking about your boobs in the press. You wrote about your woo-ha in a book and now you're playing a crack-ho on TV.' I was like, 'Yeah...' So she was like, 'Can we do an animated move next? Can you play Cinderella on Broadway or something?' I was like, 'OK, I'll clean it up, right after this one, I promise!'"

Hewitt says her character, who resorts to prostitution to support her family, is a role model of sorts.

"You do root for her and you do judge her, and you love that you judge her and by the end of it, you really forgive her for all that she's done," Hewitt told Fox. "Sometimes the best role models, and the people you should look up to the most, are the ones who actually do make mistakes because they show you how to overcome them."

She also said that women who turn to prostitution as a career are more common than we would think.

"Right now in the United States, more women than ever are going into the sex industry due to the tough economic times," Hewitt told the New York Daily News. "They want to feel like they're contributing somehow to their family."

Here's a preview for the film.

I for one will be watching. Beyond being intrigued to see if she can pull it off, I love Lifetime movies for all their crazy drama and all the tears they provide (I love to cry during movies!). I hope this one provides a healthy dose.

Are you planning to watch The Client List?

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