Erin Andrews Sues Hotels Over Peepshow Videos

erin andrewsThe saga of Erin Andrews and the peephole videos continues -- but at least now she's getting even.

Michael David Barrett, the creepy stalker who shot secret nude videos of the ESPN reporter and Dancing With the Stars contestant while she stayed at hotels, is headed to the slammer. But more heads will likely roll before this scandal is over.

Now, Andrews is suing seven hotels (in addition to Barrett) for negligence and invasion of property. Her lawsuit claims that when the hotels were contacted by Barrett and asked for Andrews' information, they confirmed she was staying there and gave out her room number without her permission.

This is disturbing on so many levels ...


Why would a hotel give out a guest's information? And here I thought it was standard for room numbers to be private. This entire disgusting situation could have been avoided had the hotels simply been more vigilant.

Andrews is hoping the lawsuit will force hotels to be more heedful about making sure their guests' privacy is respected. She's asking for $1.2 million in damages.

In addition to Barrett, the hotels named in the suit include: Marriott International Inc.; West End Hotel Partners LLC and Nashville Marriott At Vanderbilt University; Windsor Capital Group Inc.; Radisson Hotels International Inc.; Ashtel Inc. and Radisson Hotel Milwaukee Airport; Ohio State University and The Blackwell Inn; and Preferred Hotel Group Inc. and Summit Hotels & Resorts.

Do you think the hotels had any excuse for giving out her information?


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